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LindaHello, my name is Linda.  I am the owner of Linda Caffey Photography, an event and wildlife photography business.  I have a great passion for taking photos and appreciate the power of photography to connect us to the past and to the future.

I love looking at old photographs of my grandparents when they were young, their happy smiling faces beaming out at me, so full of hope and promise.  There’s my parents’ wedding picture hanging on my wall with my father dressed in his military uniform, and my mother looking so beautiful in her gown.  I have old sepia-toned photos of my great-grandparents, passed down to me by my grandmother. They were people I never met, but their images are as meaningful to me as if I had just spent time with them.  I am given a glimpse into a part of their lives I would never know without these photographs taken so long ago.

For future generations, the photos we take now will be the ones poured over, the ones that will inspire stories to be told, the ones whose memories will be cherished always.  I would be happy to assist you in capturing and preserving those treasured moments for the generations of your family to come. Learn more about my event photography services here.

For those of you who love nature as I do, one of the many great things about living on St. Simons Island is the abundance and diversity of wildlife.  For the past few years, I have gotten very involved with wildlife photography.  I’m thrilled when I see birds or other animals around the island and am able to take a good photo of them.  Follow my blog about the best places to photograph wildlife in our area.  I’ll be offering photographic tips and more.

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